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Hieroglyphics Imperium Signees, Chosen Few proudly announces their new free mixtape/compilation, "Sounds From the Fewture" mixed by DJ Icewater

While, structured like a mixtape, it is, in essence a compilation. There are no freestyles over beats from previously released songs, or random mash-ups. Contrarily, all the songs on this album are completed songs that were either unreleased tracks, released on other albums or songs completed for this compilation, serving as a history lesson In an effort to familiarize hip-hop fans with who Chosen Few is, where they have been and what they have done, and get people ready for the upcoming album "New World Symphony" on Hieroglyphics Imperium. The compilation features guest appearances from Pep Love, Jern Eye and Khai Sharref of Lunar Heights, Donte of MOOD, and also guest production from Hi-Tek, DJ Dez (Slum Village camp), J-Rawls, Fat Jon and Sam Irl. Again these guest appearances and producers are not random picks, but are people that Chosen Few has worked with directly, either individually or collectively.

For Instance, this album features music recorded by Cold Showda and Charles Cooper when they were part of the Ohio groups Univeral Dialect, Charles Cooper Quartet, and Greans. In the Era that these were recorded (The era in which legendary Black Star Movement began), the 2 lived in ohio and worked closely with Regional (at the time) hip-hop stars Hi-tek, Five Deez and Lone Catalyst, amongst others. Charles Cooper in fact formed a relationship with Lone Catalyst Producer J.Rawls that would foster colaborations that would appear on J.Rawls debut album Essence of J-Rawls and ultimately develop into the highly touted "Liquid Crystal Project". Consisting of J-Rawls, Charles Cooper and his band (The Charles Cooper Quartet), Liquid Crsytal Project released 2 very successful albums under groove attack distro, and toured extensively in europe with acts such as Dilated Peoples, and Ghostface Killah, to name a few. Europe is also a place that Cold Showda is no stranger to on his own. in 2008, he released a single on Melting Pot Music entiteld "New Wave Hotness", that was circulated and remixed heavily throughout Austria and all of Europe.

Also being that Ohio was in close proximity to Detroit, The three members of Chosen Few began to cross paths with Detroit acts Slum Village and Phat Kat. As a matter of fact, it was a national tour with Slum Village that brought Charles Cooper out to the bay area for the first time. Once the tour hit SF, They did a show with Cold Showda's group "Greans" that would go down as one of the more memorable shows of that era. That relationship would eventually yield a few songs with Slum Village DJ and producer, DJ Dez, and a track with Phat Kat that is featured on CHosen Few's upcoming album, New World Symphony.

The Greans (formerly Universal Dialect) is a group that migrated from Dayton Ohio, to the bay area in 2000. After a national tour with Hieroglyphics in 2000, A-Plus told Cold Showda, "man yall should move out to the bay..." And so they did, releasing "Grean Light District" on Cosmic Flux Records in 2002, and also a compilation album with bay area talent Hobo Junction and Azeem entitled, "The Dollar Hip-Hop Show" in 2003. Charles Cooper was featured on these releases, as well as several albums with J-Boogies Dubtronic Science on Ohm records, and Lunar Heights on Natural High Records, Both of whom Charles and Greans would tour with extensively. The greans would also have the honor of being the first hip-hop act to appear in a marvel comic - XMEN EVOLUTION Vol. 1, no. 9.

Unjust, Producer of Chosen Few forged his own path to the bay. Having completed graphic work for Hieroglyphics in 2001, the legendary hip-hop collevtive flew him out to the bay in 2004 to work on their new website. He continued doing graphic work for Hiero, as well as landing a job as creative director at ABB Records, the label that started Dilated Peoples and Little Brother - and he never left. Over time, He began forging with relationships with members of Hiero, living with Pep Love and Opio, and doing web and album artwork for Del. The creative vibe would translate over to music, as he began collaborating with Pep and Opio on several tracks, many of which will be featured on upcoming Hieroglyphics releases.

It is evident that Chosen Few is not a brand new act - in fact they have been around a long time, and have been putting out music indiviually and touring for quite a while. And so, they are giving away this compilation so that the hip-hop world can get a sense of the history of the group, a back-story of sorts, to prepare it for the upcoming album "New World Symphony" on Hieroglyphics Imperium. Download and Enjoy.


released March 18, 2010

1. INTRO - Produced By Unjust, Vocals and additional percussion by Cold Showda - 2009
2. DUHRIEL - Produced By Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda & Charles Cooper Chop - 2009
3. NEW WORLD SYMPHONY - Produced By Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda, Violin by Getm Jaf;
hook vocals by Charles Cooper Chop; New World Symphony - Hieroglyphics Imperium - 2010
4. FALSEHOOD - Ft. Pep Love - Produced by Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda & Pep Love - 2009
5. THE PEOPLE - Produced by Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda, saxophone by Charles Cooper Chop;
New World Symphony - Hieroglyphics Imperium - 2010
6. WALK - Produced by DJ Dez (Slum Village), Vocals by Cold Showda - 2008
7. NEW WAVE HOTNESS REMIX - Produced by Sam Irl, Vocals by Cold Showda - 2008
8. CHOP INTERLUDE - Produced by Hi-Tek, Ft. King Solomon and Donte (MOOD), saxophone by Charles Cooper Chop - 2005
9. 100 PROOF - Produced by Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda, saxophone by Charles Cooper Chop - 2005 (First Chosen Few Song)
10. FAST FORWARD - Produced by Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda, Charles Cooper Chop, Word4Word, & Word Up - 2009
11. BEATNUTS TRIBUTE - Liquid Crystal Project, Liquid Crystal Project 2 - Polar Ent - 2009
12a. 9 ETHER THEME - Vocals by Khai Shareef (Lunar Heights), Charles Cooper Chop, saxophone by Charles Cooper Chop - 2007
12b. CHESSGAMES - Greans - Grean Light District; Cosmic Flux Records - 2004
13. WALK ON WATER - Produced by Pioneer, Vocals by Cold Showda - 2005
14. ONLY THE REAL - Universal Dialect - Produced by Pioneer - 1996
15. BLUE #2 - Produced by J-Rawls, saxophone by Charles Cooper Chop - The Essence of J.Rawls - Polar Ent - 2002
16. CHECKIN’IN - Ft. Jern Eye, Produced by Unjust, Vocals by Cold Showda, Charles Chop Cooper, Jern Eye (Lunar Heights) - 2010
17. EVEN - Produced by Fat Jon, saxophone by Charles Cooper Chop - Five Deez - Koolmotor - 1997
18. OUTRO - Produced By Unjust, Vocals by Charles Cooper Chop - 2010
19. 93 TIL - Liquid Crystal Project, Liquid Crystal Project 2 - Polar Ent - 2009

Mixed by DJ Icewater; All cuts (except #8) by DJ IcewaterPhotography by Jon Coyne
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